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100 Women Who Care Truro Registration Form

Please read these policies before contacting regarding Registration.

Please read these policies before contacting regarding Registration.

By completing and submitting a registration, I understand that I am making a commitment to 100 Women Who Care Pictou County  to make an annual donation at each of 4 meetings that is given directly to local charities, non-profit organizations (NPOs) and other worthy causes serving Pictou County.


I agree to fulfill my donation commitment even if I do not vote for the organization selected by the majority vote. I also agree that I will provide my cheque to another member to deliver on my behalf if I am NOT ABLE to attend a quarterly meeting. I understand that there is no proxy voting. If I do not attend the meeting, I am not able to vote but am still responsible for donating.


By completing and submitting this form, I commit to 1 year of donations ($100 per meeting at each of four meetings per year) with other members of 100 Women Who Care Pictou County. I understand that I can withdraw at any time by emailing


100 Women Who Care Pictou County collects your name and email address strictly for the purposes of maintaining our membership database.


100 Women Who Care Picotu County will not sell, give or otherwise share your personal information without your express consent, unless required by law.


All direct communication will be via email from  If you are concerned that you have not been receiving messages, please go to the 100 Women Who Care Pictou County Facebook site. All messages relevant to date, time, location and venue of meetings will be posted there. If the co-chairs must reach a member, it will be via email.


Once you have submitted your Member Registration Form you can expect a confirmation email within 5 business days from which will include information on the next meeting date, time and venue.

Please add us to your address book so our message is not captured by a spam catcher. We will make every effort to reach you via email but security settings may prohibit us from the delivery of our message.


If you must miss a meeting, please inform the co-chairs by sending a message to  If you are not present at a meeting, please give your donation to another member to deliver on your behalf.


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