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Donation Envelopes Instructions




The Co‐Chairs of 100 Women Who Care Pictou County will not be holding, transferring or handling funds belonging to any member, other than their own donations.


Donations will be handled in the following manner:

  • Each member or team will bring a $100donation (preferably by cheque) to each  meeting.

  • Donation will be in a self addressed, stamped envelope; DO NOT SEAL.

  • After the announcement of the successful organization, write the name of that organization on your cheque.

  • Put the cheque back in the envelope and DO NOT SEAL

  • Drop off the donation to a representative of the successful organization (and no one else!) 
    This person will be stationed by the door.

  • The successful organization will issue a charitable tax receipt within 30 days and mail it in the envelope provided by the member.

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