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The Co‐Chairs will:

  • chair quarterly meetings.

  • organize the process of 100 WWPC.

  • contribute $100 to each meeting or be part of a team that contributes $100 to each meeting.

  • have the same voting rights as any other member in good standing.

  • be responsible for booking meeting venues four months prior to each meeting.

  • recruit volunteers to assist with any aspect of 100WWPC.

  • be responsible for promoting awareness of 100WWPC on all forms of media.

  • review policies and procedures annually.

  • receive no renumeration for their services as Co-Chair.


The Co‐Chairs will not:

  • be responsible for holding, transferring or handling any funds except their 
    own donations.

  • nominate any NPO at any time.

  • be responsible for screening out any NPO which meets eligibility criteria.

  • be responsible for the manner in which the NPO spends donations from
    100 WWPC.

  • be responsible for issuing charitable tax receipts.

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