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Eligibility Criteria:

  • The NPO must be a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency.

  • The NPO must have been operational in Pictou County for at least one year 
    (no start-­up funding).

  • Donations must benefit  Pictou County.


Selection Process:

  • Non-­profit organizations can only be nominated by a registered member in good standing.

  • Initial nominations will be made on the Member Registration Form.

  • Three‐plus-­one NPOs will be randomly selected from the pool of nominated NPOs by an objective third party.

  • The Co‐Chairs will vet the first three NPOs by investigating their eligibility.

  • The NPOs drawn will be contacted and if they wish to participate, will be provided with a Non‐Profit Organization Agreement letter.

  • The Agreement must be completed and returned to a Co-­Chair within 10 business days.

  • If one of the first three NPOs is ineligible or declines participation, the fourth NPO 
    drawn will be vetted.

  • The three eligible NPOs will be announced at the meeting 3 months prior to 
    their presentation.

  • Members are free to research the selected NPOs if they wish prior to the meeting where voting will be held.

  • No national or international charities, programs or NPOs will be considered; the focus is on contributing to local NPOs.

  • Of the three selected NPOs, the recipient NPO will no longer be considered eligible; 
    the two unsuccessful NPOs will be returned to the selection process.

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